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The Hills Church connects parents with the tools needed for raising kids in every stage of life.

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Navigating Motherhood

It takes a tribe to raise a child – and a whole lot of grace. This tribe of imperfect moms makes walking through the parenting jungle a little less scary and a lot more grace-full. Get ready to learn more about leaning on God and each other.
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Parenting Matters Ministry

Raising great kids doesn’t just happen. Learn how to raise children who reflect Jesus. We’ll talk about specific ways to be intentional about the legacy you leave, a legacy that will effect generations to follow. We offer three classes: Preparation for Parenting, Toddlerhood Transitions and Parenting from the Tree of Life.
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Teen Life

Being a teenager is hard. They need our help! Teen Life is equipping, encouraging and empowering students and teen parents through support groups.
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As followers of Jesus, we decide to follow His example and to do the things He asks of us. Jesus was baptized and told us to be baptized. (Matthew 3:13-17, Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-16).
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Mental Health

Mental health conditions are common among teens and young adults. Educate yourself with these resources and help change the conversation.

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As any parent knows, it can be difficult to communicate with your teen, especially when it comes to relationships. Whether you want to teach them about healthy relationships for the future, or you’re concerned with a relationship they are currently in and want to give them advice — there are plenty of resources that can be really helpful.
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Technology and Your Teen

Our teens will have to learn to live productive and quality lives in the midst of all the options (good and bad) that technology will offer them. So, we’ve provided these resources to help our students earn the “keys” to their
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Social Media Apps

Parent Equipping with Kyle Berger

Ever wonder what all those apps are your students are using on their phones or personal devices? Tune in to learn the latest news on the growing number of apps our students are using, some of the dangers within them and practical ways to using them wisely.