We will mobilize the next generation to discover and participate in the mission of God every day, instilling in them a sense of passion and purpose as witnesses to the world who pray, give and go.

What is mission?

Living on mission is the way we bring the Kingdom of God into reality. Loving others is our primary, consistent, tangible expression of the inward change that has occurred when surrendering to the Kingdom’s agenda. This is daily.

How do I live
on mission?

Being on mission is less about doing acts of service, and more about being the hands and feet of Jesus. It is not about doing things for God, it is about being with God in his work. God is inviting all of us to bring our unique gifts and talents to the table and join him in ministering to others. At every age, whether you’re a child, student, young adult, parent, empty-nester, God is inviting you to help him build his kingdom with your talents.

Kids on Mission

Some people think that the only way to do missions as a family is to go somewhere, but that isn’t the case. Living your life on mission means turning every day and every place you go into a mission field.


Draw a picture of somewhere you go that you could turn into a mission field. (home, school, park, a walk through the neighborhood, etc.)

Prayer Prompt:

Pray for God to show you where you could start living on mission.

Ways You Can Be on Mission

If you like…
  • Make and deliver cards for nursing home residents, kids in hospitals, or missionaries.
  • Write or draw something encouraging with chalk on your sidewalk.
  • Write a note or draw a picture of encouragement for your teacher or a classmate.
  • Offer to help a neighbor that’s doing yard work.
  • Go on a prayer walk for your school or neighborhood.
  • Find someone new to play with at recess or the park.
  • Start a prayer/devo group a few minutes before or after school.
  • Make bags with items for the homeless and pass them out while you are driving around.
  • Bake cookies for first responders or a neighbor and visit with them.

If you want your kids to be on mission, then they will need your example, your help, and your blessing.

I do: (parent) Model living on mission. We do: Kids and parents join together to live on mission

You do: Kids are equipped and activated to see every day as an opportunity to be on mission for God.

Prayer Prompt: Pray for God to show you ways to use your gifts for Him

Missional Questions:


1. What can you do to make your teacher, mom, dad, whoever you are with smile today?

2. Who can you talk to or play with that you don't usually talk to or play with?


1. How did you see God today?

2. Thinking about your day today, what or who do you need to pray for?

3. What can you do tomorrow to live on mission?

Parent Tip:

Have your kids ask you the same questions! We are called to be on the same mission with our kids. Your kids will be blessed to see you grow in this with them.

Mission Outcome

How has God answered your prayers? How have you been living on mission?

We would love to hear what God is doing to bless your family on mission, so please send us an email with any stories or prayer requests you may have as you live this out.

Students on Mission

We believe our students are called to live the daily mission of God, but we also know that they will be blessed to find a specific way to serve others. Spend a moment in prayer and then help your student get involved in one of the following ways they can serve this year.
Prayer Prompt: Pray for God to give you and your student discernment on where they are being called to serve.

Kids Ministry

Join our team serving the next generation. Serve each week during one service.
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Guest Services

Welcome every person who comes through our doors! These teams serve together once a month, for all services of the day
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Worship and Production

From running slides, cameras, or playing in the band, our worship and production teams are a critical part of Sunday morning and Wednesday night.
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The Porch

Our coffee team makes everyone's day better! Learn to serve and develop marketable barista skills.
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Student Ministry

There are even opportunities for students to serve their peers on Wednesday nights.
Get Involved in the Community

Short Term Missions

Each campus plans an opportunity to be on mission together in the summer. These take place in our own community, other cities around the country, and even to international locations where we can partner to serve others. We love having families on mission together and want to partner with as many parents as we can. From running slides, cameras, or playing in the band, our worship and production teams are a critical part of Sunday morning and Wednesday night.
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Find ways to serve others