Counseling & Wellness Ministry

We all experience seasons of challenges, difficulty, or sorrow.

Through an integration of ministries and resources, we offer spiritual guidance, prayerful support, and practical tools. Find the support you need to become a stronger, healthier you.

Counseling & Wellness

If you or someone you know has a counseling need, we want to help! Schedule an in-person or video session with one of our ministers. We will meet with you and will be able to set you up with counseling services through our Therapist Network. Financial assistance is available. Contact or call 817.581.3329 for your counseling questions. You may request an appointment by phone or online.

Support Groups

Whether you are facing addictions, broken relationships, grief, or life transitions, the journey is best made in shared community. Find people who understand and who are doing life together through one of our support groups. Call our ministry office at 817.581.3303 to learn more and let us help you get connected with the right support group.

Addiction Recovery

Retake control of your life by finding the right help for overcoming your addictions or by learning how to cope with a loved one's dependencies. find a support group

Family & Relationships

Navigate the difficulties of marriage, conflict resolution, parenting and other relationships with a group designed just for you. find a support group

Health & Life Transition

Whether you are facing physical or emotional healing, the journey is best made in the right company. Find people who are doing life together, even when it's hard. find a support group


Everyone needs a little extra help sometimes to overcome emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual difficulties. Whether on the phone or video session, our ministers are glad to listen and pray with you. Contact our ministry office at or call 817.581.3303.


Changes in our lives cause us to adapt, grow, think and do things differently. Even if these changes are positive, they are still stressful. Click the link below to find some resources to help you cope with challenging days.Find Practical tools