Here we do life together.

Everyone needs a little extra help sometimes to overcome emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual difficulties like addiction, grief and divorce.

Find the support you need to become a stronger, healthier you.

Pastoral Care

Through an integration of ministries and resources, we offer spiritual guidance, prayerful support, and practical tools. The people working in the Pastoral Care ministry do not offer professional therapy or medical treatment of any kind. If such treatment is your next step, they will help you find the care you need. Contact for more information or call 817.581.3329 to schedule an appointment. mental health resources

Addiction Recovery

Retake control of your life by finding the right help for overcoming your addictions or by learning how to cope with a loved one’s dependencies. find a help group

Family & Relationships

Navigate the difficulties of marriage, conflict resolution, parenting and other relationships with a group designed just for you. find a help group

Health & Life Transition

Whether you are facing physical or emotional healing, the journey is best made in the right company. Find people who understand and who are doing life together, even when it’s hard. find a help group