Find a place to serve on your campus.

Serving brings us together, gives us a place to belong, and gives us a bigger picture of the Kingdom of God.

If you don’t see a category that you think “fits,” please let us know. We’re happy to help you look.


Help make and grow followers of Jesus in the Nursery, Preschool, and Elementary classes by building relationships with kids and teaching them what it means to follow Jesus.


Create environments and experiences where students in grades 6-12 can belong, as they encounter God, and are transformed into His image.


Help reach others with the gospel by leading worship to make the weekend a great experience.


Work together to support the body of Christ in the technical arts arena by creating dynamic environments where people can be immersed in the experience of worshiping Jesus.

Guest Services

Whether it’s working the front lines or behind the scenes, guest services creates a welcoming environment so everyone feels at home at The Hills.


Design, lead, or host groups that allow people to connect relationally and grow spiritually.

Special Needs

Special Needs

Create a safe and loving environment for kids, students, and adults with special needs so they can develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Serving Myths & Answers

Our Kids Ministry has programming or childcare available during most opportunities to serve. We also love it when kids and parents serve together.

While that’s true for some roles, there are many places you can serve before you commit to membership.

Everyone needs a break! We know this is true about serving. Our ministries provide clear times for you to take a break or try new areas of servings.

You will be trained and equipped to serve wherever you choose. This is also an ongoing process; we will continue to walk with you and give you new tools as new situations arise.

Worry not, we know you will be gone sometimes. We ask that you place high value on the commitment you made and honor it for the season as best as possible, but we also know there will be times when you need to be absent.

Life is busy! This is no secret. We have a variety of areas you can plug in depending on your schedule. From weekday prep to prayer team, there is a place for you.

1 Corinthians 12:13-27 talks at length about the body and how it is made up of many parts. Without those parts, the body cannot function. This is the truth about our church; we need your gifts among us to see God’s full picture of the Kingdom at work.