Mandy Morris

Porch/Kitchen Manager

I’ve been married to my husband Joshua since 2000. We have two children, Josiah and Shea. I was raised in church and was baptized when I was 12. Both parents are faithful members and set a wonderful example for me. I met my husband in Abilene, where he was attending ACU and we got married a year almost to the day after we met. We were married ten years without kids and then we were blessed with two fifteen months apart. My favorite verse is Romans 8:38-39, because there is so much hope and comfort knowing that absolutely nothing can get between us and God’s love because of the way Jesus embraced us. I started working at The Hills in 2015 as the manager of the coffee shop, The Porch, on the NRH campus. I pray that The Hills countinues to be a vision-oriented church.