Doris Tax

Administrative Assistant

My favorite Bible passage is Psalms 139. It reminds me how powerful God is. He is everywhere. His eyes are always watching me. He knows me. He takes care of me. He guides me in the right path. But most of all I imagine him knitting me in my mother’s womb, and that is a wonderful thought. Since he took the time to knit me, I’m reminded that he thinks of me as a very special and extraordinary person. I’m created by the King of kings and Lord of lords. What a privilege!

I’ve worked with the Hispanic Ministry since 2017, and I have met a lot of people from different nationalities, cultures, and languages. God’s love unites us. We are one in Christ. 

I pray that every time people come to this church God’s Holy Spirit will touch them in a supernatural way so that they want to become followers and doers of His word. I pray they want to know more about his great love and be ready to share the good news of his kingdom everywhere they go. I pray that people from different, languages, nationalities, races will be able to hear the good news of Jesus.