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Series Date: 2021

Gift Wrapped

The message of Christmas is not just that Jesus came our way; Christmas celebrates the way that he came. The way God chose to wrap

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Essential Church

During the pandemic many organizations had to close as it was determined they were not “essential.” Most churches rightly decided to cancel their public gatherings

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The Cross

Paul said, “I decided to forget everything except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” For four weeks, that’s what we’re going to do. Because of what

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Hard Faith

This three week study using the book of Habakkuk explores the kind of faith that is hard to come by, and the kind of faith

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Captivity should never be our identity. Using the Exodus story as a platform, this series will explore ways God’s people can live fully into the

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Keep Calm

The Bible teaches us that the presence of anxiety is unavoidable, but living in the prison of anxiety is optional. Jesus teaches us how to

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