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Series Date: 2019

Christmas Extras

We all love to add some extra decorations at the Christmas season. This series wants to add some extra characters to the Christmas story who

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Kingdom Come

When it comes to understanding why Jesus came, we don’t have to put words in his mouth. He made a number of very clear statements

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Fix Your Focus

Few verses in scripture speak with more clarity than Micah 6:8 about what God values. In this series we will explore what it means to

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Self Portraits

The Holy Spirit can be hard to understand. So when the Spirit inspired the writers of the Bible, He included self-portraits – visual portrayals of

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Epic Grace

We all have memories of our failures, and some of them were epic. The good news is that God’s grace is even more epic. This

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why talk about race

Why Talk About Race

Everyone has an opinion about race relations, and most are willing to share it. Why shouldn’t followers of Jesus join the conversation? God’sWord, Jesus’ example,

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Bring Your One

Every person matters to God—every single 1! In this short series we are going to consider the value of every 1, the truth that any

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